Our background and experience.

We specialise in expert WordPress Development and Consultancy services for enterprises, businesses and design agencies.

From producing online learning solutions and multiple site deployments, through to tackling scalability and security issues, we’ve a proven track record in taking ownership of projects involving technical challenges – and delivering results.

What sets us apart is that our expertise doesn’t blind us. Where WordPress isn’t suitable, we’ve developed solutions using PHP (Laravel) and iOS (Objective-C), specifically for SaaS solutions & price comparison applications in the healthcare and energy sectors.

When it comes to WordPress Product based businesses, we’ve real world experience in both building our own WordPress businesses and helping others maintain theirs.

Finally, we share our WordPress knowledge and expertise through WordPress Meetups and Online Publications.

About Tim Carr

Tim Carr - WordPress Developer

Tim is both founder of n7 Studios, and an experienced WordPress Developer, Engineer and Consultant with over 8 years experience.  His WordPress work is seen by tens of millions of people per month, and the software products and solutions built in WordPress, Laravel and iOS have been installed over half a million times.

Other notable projects include lead developer for two leading WordPress Plugins, Envira and Soliloquy, and the redevelopment & performance maintenance for List25.

Tim’s skillset includes:

  • WordPress Development (Web Sites, Plugins, Themes)
  • WordPress Consultancy
  • WordPress Products (WP Cube, Envira, Soliloquy)
  • WooCommerce
  • Bespoke Web Development (Laravel 4)
  • iOS Development (Objective C)