Adding the TinyMCE Accessibility Checker to WordPress

How to add the TinyMCE Accessibility Checker to WordPress’ TinyMCE instances.

WordPress’ Visual Editor doesn’t come with TinyMCE’s Accessibility Checker, which is frustrating for agencies and developers who want to ensure clients can comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).  Whilst there is some uncertainly over whether this applies to web sites, it’s generally accepted that it is good practice to ensure your web sites are WCAG2.0 AA compliant (the U.S. Department of Justice has endorsed this as an appropriate standard in several settlements).

TinyMCE’s own site doesn’t make clear that you can pay for, and download, the Accessibility Checker.  At the time of writing, they also do not provide WordPress specific instructions or code for integration with the Visual Editor.

Purchase and Download the TinyMCE Accessibility Checker

To add the TinyMCE Accessibility Checker to WordPress:

  1. Sign up at, ensuring:
    1. Number of Users: 10 users (note: the minimum may now be 25 users)
    2. Deployment Type: Self-hosted
    3. Subscription Length: Monthly
  2. Once you have completed the Checkout process, visit
    1. Click on Downloads
    2. Download the TinyMCE Accessibility Checker

Load the TinyMCE Accessibility Checker in WordPress

To register the downloaded TinyMCE Accessibility Checker in WordPress, making it available whenever a user is editing content in the Visual Editor:

  1. Download and extract the WP TinyMCE Accessibility Checker Plugin for WordPress to your wp-content/plugins folder
  2. Extract the ZIP file you purchased above to the /assets/a11ychecker folder, ensuring that plugin.min.js is accessible at /assets/a11ychecker/plugin.min.js.  This should result in the following file and folder structure:
    WordPress TinyMCE Accessibility Checker Plugin: Folder Structure
  3. In WordPress’ Administration interface, click on Plugins in the menu.
  4. Activate the WP TinyMCE Accessibility Checker Plugin
  5. Confirm the Accessibility Checker is operational by creating a new Post, and accessing the Tools > Check Accessibility option in the Visual Editor:
    TinyMCE Accessibility Checker Toolbar Menu


Why isn’t the Accessibility Checker included in the WordPress Plugin?

TinyMCE’s Accessibility Checker is a paid for product, and therefore we cannot redistribute it for free.  Our WordPress Plugin, with the above instructions, hopefully provide the quickest method for providing accessibility tools for your clients.

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