Building successful online businesses.

Drawing on over a decade of experience building online businesses for clients, n7 Studios now builds its own successful online businesses.

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Photo of Tim Carr

About Tim Carr.

Tim founded n7 Studios in 2008, which quickly became a small, highly profitable business focused on bespoke WordPress Development (and later, Laravel Development) for technically challenging web based projects, including:

  • Lead Developer for top-100 University web site (worldwide, ranked by QS)
  • Lead Full-Stack Engineer for, responsible for initial MVP, followed by ‘full’ first version, project architecture, backend development for Laravel data collation system and API, frontend development for WordPress, third party data collation and integrations with Stripe.
  • Lead Developer for two major WordPress Plugins with a mid-6 figures/year USD income

Today, n7 Studios focuses on its own successful online businesses offering innovative software products and services used commercially worldwide: WP Zinc WP Media Library and GeoRocket.


Tim contributes technical based WordPress articles and advice, including: