Consultancy Services

With nearly a decade of experience in working on high traffic, complex e-commerce builds for physical and digital goods, as well as large datasets and API integrations for both WordPress (and more recently Laravel) projects, we can provide consultancy on your current or next project, covering:

  • A review of your current technical architecture
  • The most suitable technology to use
  • Achieving the best performance out of your current technical architecture
  • Considerations for the future
  • Hiring technical personnel
  • Avoiding technical debt
  • Best practices for technical hires, including coding standards and documentation
  • For businesses / startups, advise on the technical, security, disaster management and documentation practices that are typically expected to secure funding through VC’s

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We’ve helped startups, from building their first MVP through to securing funding. We can consult on the key requirements you’ll need for growth, traction and VC funding.

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We’ve helped agencies better understand the platforms they use for client projects (such as WordPress), as well as what to look for in a strong development team, and good documentation practices to avoid technical debt.

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Having gone from employee, to freelancer, to agency owner, we understand the difficulties in scaling your business.  We can consult and bring ideas to improve your income and time.

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